Business Milestones

TAHO's pediatric ADHD Oral Liquid granted exclusive U.S. sales rights to Hyloris

TAHO has granted exclusive U.S. sales rights of the pediatric ADHD drug TAH9922 Atomoxetine oral liquid to the Belgian company Hyloris Developments SA. The product is an oral liquid that has not yet been launched in the U.S. market. It is expected to be submitted in the U.S. for 505(b)(2) new dosage form application. According to their contract, Hyloris will take up responsibility for drug application as well as sales and marketing in the United States, where TAHO may receive signing fees, milestones and sales royalties. Detailed conditions will not be disclosed due to confidentiality terms between the parties.

After the launching of TAHO's first chemotherapy anti-emetic ondansetron OD film in Japan, the successful licensing of this pediatric ADHD drug not only contribute to TAHO's balance sheet, but also accelerate the approval of the product in other markets. TAHO's other portfolio projects, such as pediatric ADHD patches, and anti-thrombotic films, are also under active negotiation. In addition to collecting licensing fees to boost revenue, TAHO hopes to take this opportunity to further build allience with partners of unique marketing channels and robust resources to accelerate the launching of their portfolio projects.


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