Business Milestones

TAHO obtained approval for TAH4411 in Japan, a first anti-emetic oral dissolving film for chemotherapy in Japan.

TAH4411, an antiemetic treatment for cancer chemotherapy under the brand name Ondansetron OD Film (GFP) was developed by TAHO. TAHO received notification from Japan’s PMDA that the product has been approved to market in Japan.

About TAH4411 Ondansetron OD Film:
Ondansetron is used to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting. Currently there are only two forms of medication on the market, tablets and injections. Injections need to be administered in the hospital, while oral tablets are difficult to take for patients who already have nausea symptoms. TAHO uses its proprietary transmucosal drug delivery platform technology to develop the Orally Dissolving Film (ODF), which is a new dosage form that can quickly dissolve in the mouth without water. It is easier to use and enhanced patients’ quality of life. TAHO's TAH4411 is the first chemotherapy antiemetic orally dissolving film product to obtain a drug license in Japan. It is also the first product from a Taiwanese pharmaceutical company to obtain a drug license for a new dosage form in Japan. According to IMS Data in 2013, the market size of this type of 5HT3 drugs in Japan is approximately NT$5.3 billion, and the market size in China is approximately NT$12.6 billion. The actuall revenue generated by the product will vary by the actual licensing or sales condition in the future.


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