Our transepithelial technology platform enables the transdermal or transmucosal delivery of small chemical drugs. Pushing beyond the boundary of past restrictions with collective strength, TAHO's scientists are creating novel patches and oral films to bridge the gap in conventional medicine.  Some advantages of transepithelial delivery include:
  • Wide range of release profiles (from fast-onset to weekly sustained delivery)
  • Avoids GI side-effect and metabolism
  • Higher bioavailability
  • Effortless medicament for unwilling patient

  • Elastic Long-Term Drug Delivery Through the Skin
    Transdermal DDS

    Elastic Long-Term Drug Delivery Through the Skin

    TAHO scientists designed and established intricate transdermal delivery systems to send medications through the skin. Unlike topical preparations that mostly stay on the skin, transdermal patches deliver small chemical drugs through the skin and provide various advantages. By attaching a transdermal patch onto the skin, the system maintains a stable therapeutic level for up to a week. While avoiding taking oral or injection medications, the transdermal system also avoids side effects and supports a much more stable efficacy. Some major transdermal specific advantages include:

    - Long-term controlled release (daily/weekly)
    - Consistent and steady efficacy
    - Avoids GI metabolism and side effects
    - Readily terminate delivery by removing the patch
    - Easier therapy for both patient and caregiver

    Transdermal Drug Delivery

  • Versatile Delivery Profile
    Transmucosal DDS

    Versatile Delivery Profile

    Not only pushing the boundaries on skin delivery, TAHO's scientists are also applying our delivery expertise on the oral mucosal membrane. In just an elegant thin film, we designed versatile delivery profile from fast-onset, immediate release, to once-daily controlled release. The film can readily dissolve in the mouth with pleasant taste, and avoids swallowing pills and needles. By changing the administration site between buccal, sublingual to lingual use, the oral film provides all-around benefits include:

    - Wide range of target PK profile
    - No water needed
    - No chocking risk
    - Very easy to use
    - Avoids diversion of medication

    Types Oral Film Delivery



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